A Very, Cold Friday and my Art Journey…

Hi Friends it is Friday once Again, and guess what?, Its very Cold in my Suburb, it is only 13 Celsius at 1.00pm, in the early Afternoon. I hope you are Having a Warm and Happy Afternoon. I have been trying to automatically do Printing of Colour Photos, and a few printed well, and the others have wasted 1 hour of my time, and will not print? Who knows Why? Oh, the Printer is Printing just this minute. Sometimes I think a little complaining, does the trick, well in this case Yes.

This Web, I have decided to show some Diverse Paintings on my Art journey. Also to share a few Gift cards and maybe, the latest Stickers I made, on Brazing Greenery. Stay Tuned.

Remember to Comment or make suggestions on anything, to help me improve or change the way I have presented this Website, because I have no idea. Also like and share if you enjoy this Website sharing, of my Art Journey. Thank you.

The following Paintings, are some of the Diverse paintings I have made, on my Art journey. They were painted from the years, 2008–2012… the paintings are made in Watercolours, Acrylics, Pastels, Crayons and in Mixed Media.

The next paintings are Cards, made on Card stock, card, they are in Cello paper with an envelope behind the card. I made these previous years, 2010, for selling at Art Exhibitions. These cards are the left over, they did not sell, other cards sold…

The following Paintings are Stickers, called Blazing Greenery, I made these last week, for fun. I hope you like them too?…

Thank you for visitng my Website this week, I hope you enjoyed looking at the Paintings, Cards, and stickers for this week.

Have a Safe week as Always, remember to keep on Social Distancing, look forward to seeing you next Week. Bye for Today.

I am