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The Universe, Night Sky, City Scapes, Fashion and Flowers too…

Hello it is Friday and what an Excellent sunny afternoon, I sat in the sunshine listening to a podcast by Oprah Winfrey, on how she made it without really trying, Only through an intention she wrote down, when She was a Young adult. I think the reality happened, some 15 years later. The podcast was very Informative and enlightening. I think the point was, that without Service to Humanity and Love, what you Set out to Do is of No value. Very Interesting, and all I did was check my Smartphone, and this Podcast just was there waiting to be heard? Honestly I have no idea where it actually Materialised from, what I can tell you, it was Worth hearing for Over an hour. The Voice over and Questions asked of Oprah were Clear and the Explanations by Oprah were Excellent, and as the Listener, It was Thought Provoking to Listen to Oprah…After the Podcast I did a few other things Outside in my garden, later in the afternoon I went for a Long and quiet walk. When I arrived home it was Time for dinner, and I sat, Ate dinner and watched an ABC Current affair programme for 30 minutes. The time just Flies, I have never Understood how people Say to me, I feel bored with my life, there’s nothing to do? My burning Questions are, What do you do?, do you watch TV all of the time?, Do you do any cleaning?. What I say is Nothing, it has always made me keep Silent, because I feel any question is Rude, and that’s it. Another thing people bring up is Depression, they seem to all have Depression? You know what, I feel like saying Oh that’s because you have your Mind set on what is Really an Illusion. Something you Want, so you can Show off, or have Something to gloat, about, all Material. But I say Nothing, I am Silent.

Enough said, today on my website’s Art Journey, I have included Six paintings, that I made between 2010–2018 to share.

The following Six Paintings are all made in different media, and are part off my Art Journey. If you have any comments, please be in touch…

The following Cards are made on Acid free Card Stock, with an envelope placed behind the card. The cards, are in a Cellophane envelope, I made these cards as an extra to sell in an Art Exhibition, at the Art Gallery in which, I Usually submitted Two to three paintings every four months. I have these cards, because these particular ones did not sell, the others did.

The following Three paintings, are Flowers which are stickers, I made the stickers, on A5 Drawing paper. The stickers are made in Watercolours, I made them this week, as an extra to add, to this website this week…

Thank you for visiting my Website on my Art Journey for this week. See You All next Week, Stay Safe, and Remember to Social Distance.

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