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Hi Its Friday 31 July 2020, this July has already Gone. Where does the Time Go? its Beyond ME. Its A good thing the time is Flying, and it is also Sad. Good because we move on in our Lives, we do New and newer things, we get to Meet new people, see and be in Different places. I know your thinking with this Cov 19, I do not think it is the Case? To a certain extent true, but when you go for a Walk, no difference where, in a Park, at the sea, in your Neighbourhood or in other Suburbs, People generally make the effort to say HELLO, or Smile, and sometimes make Conversation. You must Admit that makes you Smile and fills your Heart to over flowing? The Bad is that in some Suburbs or Countries people need to Isolate Completely, no Family Contact or with Friends, and People need to stay in their Home, only access is to their Private Back gardens, if they have a Garden? This is very Stressful and A Big Negative experience and situation. The Enormity of this Pandemic is that, No One knows HOW LONG it will LAST, and if We can ever Move Past all the Problems this Pandemic has Caused every Single Person. Also as time goes BY, We are getting Older, day by day.

I woke up through the Night, I felt Thirsty for water, I thought I would stay up for 30 minutes and watch the Life Channel on my T.V. Jersyeliscious was on, I have never heard of this programme, but I must admit I do not follow The T.V Shows. I sat and watched, I noticed nothing has changed with the American Culture. Americans from memory when I travelled, were Very nice people, but were always Big and Fast Talkers. I sat and watched this show, Yes lots of Talking, fighting and arguments. My thought was at least they are communicating. I felt very overwhelmed, after 10 minutes, I went to Sleep and woke up at my usual mornings time. In my Country people prefer to Stay silent, and keep to themselves. Well in the Social Sphere People, are generally Polite and well behaved.

In todays Website, I will be sharing with you Original Paintings I made at the start of my Art Journey, they are on The Australian Landscapes, Some Gift Cards and Some Sticker A5, Bumble Bee paintings. Please feel free to contact me, to make comments, or if you have any Ideas thoughts suggestions, on how I can improve on my art journey. Thank you…

Thank you for visiting my Website this week, on My Art Journey, remember to Like and share if you liked what you see. Remember to Stay Safe, Productive and to Social Distance. See You All Next Week.

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