Belated Friday and My Art Journey

Hi on Friday the 14 August 2020, I decided to do things differently for Friday Morning. Instead of setting up this Website posting for Friday, I went shopping on Friday Early afternoon, instead of the Saturday next day. So off I went after lunch in another Suburb not to far away. I did all of my Shopping and then, I looked around in a Department store, which is very popular with people in this State. I bought a few items, then I sat and checked my Smartphone, for about 10 minutes. I got up and Headed to Walk full circle in the opposite direction, to head to my Car and drive home. Who should walk past and say Hello, you guessed it an Acquaintance, I know off, Yes Mrs Depression, Always on the go, and never Happy. Oh she was in a hurry, and I am a great Actor, I overacted stalled her, today she needed a new Husband?, because the one She has at this moment, will not take her Anywhere on the Weekends. No? I Said First Husband you were Desperately lonely, Second Husband you were deeply Desperate and Third Husband,? You got Lucky? Okay, you Understand what I am conveying. Oh Well I Guess, we all Know by Now, its the throw away Society? Oh Dear, Now COV 19?

Enough, Today on my Website, I will be posting a few Paintings from my Art Journey, Gift cards and A5 Sticker paintings. If you have any Suggestions or insights or anything to say to me, all is Good. I would sincerely Love to hear from You. Please contact me on the Contact form below, Thanking You.

The following Three paintings, were on my Art Journey 2008, at the beginning of my Art Journey. The Paintings are made in Watercolours, on Art Paper, in A3 Size.

The following Three cards are Random cards, which did not sell in different Art exhibitions, they are some of the First gift cards I made. I thought I would share, these today…

The following are of Colourful Butterflies, which are made on A5 drawing paper, they are Sticker pages, to be printed on Sticker Paper.

Thank you for visiting my Web page today. If you like please Share and Like. Have a Safe and Productive Week like always, and remember to Social Distance. I am looking Forward to Seeing You All, Next Week…

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