Missed POST, and On My Art Journey…

Hi Sorry I missed Friday to Post on My Website. It was A Long Week End, and on Friday I had to, do Long Weekend Shop Preparation…

Here I am after a Great Weekend, I did Catch up with all my Friends, and then Monday all Day I did all Things for Me. Guess what? I did, I went shopping for gifts to myself, because in October it is my Birthday. I bought all things nice and all I need to buy are my Art Materials, only because I have Run Out.

If you have any comments, thoughts or ideas, please feel free to comment. Thank you.

Now on my Art Journey, once again…

The following Paintings of Flowers, were my Favourite Flowers at the time, in 2009. My Art at the Time, was made very Basically, in 2B Eco Pencil, and Coloured in with Basic Watercolours. I was just trying out, the Drawing and colouring media.

The following Paintings of Bumble Bees, are made on A5 Art Journal Paper, they are made in Watercolours, and are sticker pages, to be printed on Sticker paper. I made these last week, for My drawing practise.

Thank you for visiting my Website this week on my Art Journey. Have a Safe Week and remember to Social Distance.

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