Anime’, and on My Art Journey…

Good Day, I thought today I would share on My Website, some Art done on Great Artists Work, that I did in A Copy the Masters, Exhibition. The Exhibition was Held Interstate, in South Australia, and I am sure it was in 2010, close to the Beginning of my Art Career, which I started in, February 2008. I copied the Art Works from Art History Texts, from my Public Library, and I will tell You, that these were the Artists Art Works, that appealed to me at that Time in My Art Journey.

Looking at these Paintings at this point in time, I can honestly say they were an Excellent First Attempt, at Copying the Masters I chose.

The Art Masters were, M. Turner, Constable and Cotman. My only regret is, that I acknowledged the Art Master, but I did not put the Date, I made these paintings. Well, I have learnt from this Mistake, and in the Future, I will be more Observant when I attempt a Painting so Important, on my Art Journey…

I forgot to say, that I completed the Art Attempt in My Chosen Art Medium, and made the Completed Art Creation in My Unique Way and Style, at that Time and Place in My Artist, Attempt. I remember I was very pleased with the Result.

Since My last Website posting, I realised I have run out of Gift cards to Post, and I am tired of making, A5 Sticker paintings. I thought I would share something a little different. I was looking on My starred list and I found a Free photo stock record, of Anime’ drawings. I sat down and for a Change of Pace and scene, I decided to draw the Anime’ that caught my attention, on a Friday night. I thought it would be a Change to listening to Music or watching TV, to the end of My Working Week. I was just thinking, what? will I post on my Website today…

I think you will appreciate the Anime’, Drawings I made. It would be Nice, if You want to comment on any of the Art I exhibit on My Website, at any time. I would like to hear From YOU.

I drew these different Anime’ from Free Photo Stock, firstly in B2 Eco lead pencil, and then used Fine liner marker, or Coloured marker to Outline the Shapes of the Anime’ Characters.

Thank you for Visiting My Website this week. Remember to Social Distance, Stay Safe, and do Keep Active. Take care, See You Next Week.

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