Today Flowers, Models, Inktober and on My Art Journey…

Good Evening its Friday, and Today is Nearly Over. Where the Time goes, I can not tell YOU. It was Hot Yesterday and Today, this Morning Early, well, after my breakfast, I thought I should water the Back garden and all My pot plants as well. So I did, and then I went Inside and tided up. I decided to Read some magazines, that I have had from the Library for Three weeks, and Had not looked into them. Time just flies, and I feel and do other things all the time. To be Honest I cannot get over people that I know, who Always say they are bored, with their lives. Wow Wow I Think? How is that possible. Oh Well, I guess it Takes all people to Make up this world, some are Needy and Some want want, all off the Time, and that is LIFE, in the Year 2020 and Beyond?

Here we are another Friday into My Art Journey and Beyond. Today I have Two paintings of Flowers, which I Think are Succulents, which I made at the beginning of my Art Journey, in 2008. I was more into the Drawing, part of Art Creating, and I was Testing basic Watercolors. The paintings do not Look very good, but it was the Camera that was at fault, the lighting was off balance, and it was a new Canon Camera, not Digital.

I made on A5, Art Journal Paper, for my Drawing Practice at the End of My Working Week, Two Paintings of Fashion Models. I am sharing these with You. I like how the Colors turned out in the Paintings. They are made in the Pearl, Left over Watercolors, I used to Color, the Inktober, 2020, Small Children Paintings.

The Following Paintings are the INKTOBER, 2020, Paintings I made for My Blog Posting–in creationsbymariec.art. Today and as Promised, I have a Few other Art Creations to Show on This Website.

For today, Thankyou for Visiting my Website: Have a Safe Week, Do Social Distance and Keep Productive.

I am creationsbymariec.art