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Portrait Sketches, A Still Life, A Landscape, on My Art Journey…


Good Morning a Few days late, oh Well that is Life. Other things always Materialize, and so we get to Choose what we Want and need to do. To be Honest on Friday afternoon I had to take my car in for Urgent repairs. This took Most of my afternoon, this is what happens when you get to Leave your home for a few hours, and then you Get held up for hours. I can tell you that in the Morning I was organised, I did catch up in the house, and then Sat, well stood up and Completely painted Four paintings for my Next Blog. I think we can Agree that in Actual fact according to us All, that Time is never Truly wasted, we just Carry on, regardless.

I am Happy to say Here we are on My Art Journey once again this week. In this Portrait Art Sketches, I was practicing how to use Colour shading and drawings to give an Attitude to the Portrait Sketches. I made Four sketches, over two Friday nights. I made them in June 2020, when in, Lock down Cov 19. The information came from the Artists Network, on Portraits Courses, Feed back pages.

In the Portrait drawings, I drew the Sections for the Shading areas, and then I proceeded to Shade in with the, Castell Classic Colour pencils. When I looked to see the Result, the next night, I realized the Four paintings were Unique, I had an Attitude response from the Portrait Art Creating’s. I Promptly, Labelled the Portrait with an Attitude, that I could see in the Painting. I wonder if You Agree with my Labelling?

This next painting, Still Life, I made in 2013, which was made on A3 size- Acid Free, Canvas paper. It was one of My First attempts Using, Acrylic paints, the Mont Marte, Silver Series, Acrylic Paints. These Paints were a Pleasure to use from the start, and Affordable at that Time in Place. I Liked the Colors and Texture then, and this day they are My Favorite, Brand of Acrylic’s. They are Easy to Use, and Give A Professional Finish to My Art Creations. This Still life, was taken from a Magazine photo. From which, I drew in My style and Coloured in My Unique Way.

This Landscape was made in 2013, the Painting was made on A3- Acid free Canvas Paper, made in Acrylic Paints. It was one of the first Acrylic Paintings, I Art Created. I think you can see that the Acrylic paints are used Well, in this later attempt in the Media?

Thank you for visiting My Website this Week. Remember to Social Distance, to Stay Safe and to Continue to be Productive. Have an Amazing Week, See You All Next Week…

I Am


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