Last Day of Christmas, 2021 and Beyond. Oh, on My Arts Journey…

Good Afternoon, I hope You are all Doing Well. Today in the Christian Calendar, the 6 January 2021, it is Officially the Last Day of The Christmas Time, for This Year…

I wish You All, A Safe and Highly Productive, Successful Year, 2021…and Beyond…

This morning very Early I made a few changes in My Art Creating Career. My Art Goals for this Year are to Monetize My Art Creations, and actually begin to get serious about My Art Business, because it is time to Move Forward, in my Artist Life.

Late Yesterday, I thought I Would check through all the Art Journals and Loose Art I have put in Storage, when completing all my Art Blocks and Art Journals, which was on My Art Journey so Far.

I was very surprised to Find, the Beginning of my Art Work dated, 2008, Watercolour Paintings, made in the Cotman Professional Watercolours.

I Noticed, that when I Had finished experimenting with Budget Watercolours, and moved onto the Professional Watercolours, the Big Difference, Quality Watercolours made to my Art Creating. Or Maybe, I had Progressed in my Art Stlye and this Uniqueness made the Difference? and Not the Watercolours? Who really Knows…

Here we are at the Beginning of the Year in 2021, Finally, Hopefully we All as People and As A Society, Move Through the Year Healing and Recovering Excellently.

I have Paintings I mentioned in the First paragraphs, of this Web Posting, to Share with You All. The Painting are made in Cotman Watercolours, the Painting Ideas were all from Free Photo Stock, on the Internet.

I will also Show you the A5, Paintings I Art Created, on the Christmas Holidays.

If you have any comments or ideas to share, please contact me, I am always happen to hear from You.

Thank you for visiting my Art Website, this week. Always Stay Safe, remember to Social Distance, be Productive and to Be Happy…

I am