10.00am, Already What a Busy Morning?, and on My Arts Journey.

Hi it is Friday once again, Gee this Week has gone Fast, where the Time goes is beyond me…

I thought I would check my Social Media Accounts, a waste of Time, I get so interested and act on some of the Information sent to me. This is a major problem, because it wastes my Time, and I think other Peoples precious time too?…

In my emails, I noticed Yesterday was my Payday, and My Phone Bill arrived, and OVERDUE?, well I never. So I have to look into this, because I always Pay and Am up to date, I need the service for the Work I Do. So What is the Telephone Services, Problem?…

Its a Big deal, because this is another Big time Waster. You Know that Technology is Good to a Certain Degree, and on the other Hand, some Parts and for reasons beyond a Persons Control, they can make your life HELL, sometimes Too. Agree???…

Here we are Early in the Morning and what can I say, Yes on My Arts Journey, for Another Week.

So Happy today, I will Show You Two Paintings, which were made on A3 Acid free–Watercolour Paper, in Mixed Media. These painting Ideas were from Art Texts, they were made between 2008-2010, at the Start of My Art Journey. They are Not to be Sold, they were Art Created, in My Unique Style and Art Technique, for practice, and for my Experimenting with Mixed media. The Paintings, are kept in an A3, Art Journal, for Personal Reasons…

The next paintings are Made on A5, Art Paper, for weekly practice. They are of Butterflies, and Made using, Creative Colourful Watercolours, and outlined, in Sharpie Fine Liner, Marker.

The last Four paintings, are the Fruit Art, I made as Level Icons, for My Patreon Levels, which, I Launched Last Night, Finally, after having Basically opened in 2019.

Remember if You have any Questions, Ideas, Thoughts or Anything to Say to Me, Please be in Touch, as always I am Happy to Hear from You.

Apple Sweety
Blueberry Purperly
Orange Sourley
Strawberry Luscious

Thank you for Visiting My Website, this Week.

Remember to Stay Safe, Social Distance and Keep Productive. See You All, Next Week…

I Am