Places to Visit and Roses…

Another week has gone by, and This Day it is already the 1st of February 2021.

Before we know it, we will be Half way through this Year.

So Far so Good, only last night I turned on my Smartphone just to check things out, did I get the Biggest Shock. We are in Lock Down for 5 days, in Perth, South and North of the City Surrounds. Masks are Compulsory, and You use Public Transport, at Your Own Risk.

The Warning says, STAY HOME, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME, Unless for Urgent Health Reasons or to do Necessary, Shopping for Food.

This Morning was meant to be, the Start of the School Year for School Children. The News Reported Most Schools are Closed. Until further Notice, is Given to the Children’s Parents.

This Epidemic, going on to over a year? It should have been Over, the News Report, that this Epidemic is Getting Worse. Me?, I Feel Very Sad and Hopeless, it sounds very Worrying this Whole Epidemic Situation. How could this be Happening at this Time in History. Makes you Think? Have we Actually Progressed or Have? We Regressed in the World…

Today is another Day, Bless today and Every Day Forwards, for all Humans…

What can I do? Here we are On My Art Journey for Another Week.

Today I have Five Watercolour Paintings, that I made in 2008-2009, at the start of My Art Career. The Paintings were just to Practice, Drawing and Watercolour Painting. The Ideas were taken from Art Texts, and Magazines. Paintings were made on A3, Acid free, Drawing Paper. The Watercolours were the Artist, Windsor and Newton Watercolours. These Paintings are in An Art Journal, for my Personal Interest, these Art Works Will Not Be Sold, they are Copied from Real Artist, ART WORKS.

The Roses are Paintings made on A5, Acid free, Art Paper. Using the Creative Watercolours. I made these Last week for my Weekly Art Practice, the Ideas were take from Free Photo Stock, from Flowers, I chose Roses.

Next Week I have a Surprise in My A5, Art Creations, my Favorite Flower.

If you have Any Comment to Make, please contact Me on the Form below. Remember I Am, always Happy to Hear From You.

In France
In England
In the Texas Desert, USA
A Kitchen Basket
In Venice
A Rose by Another Name
A Lemon Rose
A Magic Rose, last but Not Least…

Thank You for Visiting My Website this Week, on My Art Journey.

Remember Stay Safe, Social Distance, Be Happy and Be Productive. See YOU All Next WEEK…

I Am