The Sea, the Out Back on My Arts Journey…

Good Afternoon, I hope all Is Well with You and All Your Family Members.

For the past Week the Temperature has been 40 degrees Celsius. The Weather is Very Hot, Humid, Sticky and Very Bright Outside, in the Social and Natural, Environment. There is Close to a Full Moon, usually within a few days the weather welcomes Rain Clouds. It does Rain and then the Weather Cools right Down for a Few Days, Usually it becomes Hot or Even Hotter, once again. Next Full Moon, the Weather should, have Rain a Big Rain and then the Weather Changes, it slowly gets cooler and Autumn Arrives. From this point the weather, is Up and down, Hot, cold and all off a Sudden, the weather is Pleasant.

This is Great, it is the Time, when the Seasons change, that makes me the Happiest. Why?, because its all a Newer Begging, and the Fashion slowly changes, the Days are comfortable to do, what you Need to do in Calm and peace.

You can Sit in the direct Sunshine, and Warm yourself and Heal, and be ready for Winter. You can Walk when you Choose through the day, and you can Entertain and Sit Outside without the Fear, of Sun burning, Your body. Most of All, you look Forward to Going Out More… You Generally feel the need to Slow down in Your Life, and do Cooking and Living, Differently, than in the Spring and Summer Time…

Here I Am on My Arts Journey, once again, in a Newer Week.

Today I have Two Paintings, that I Art Created, in 2009-2010, close to the Start of My Art Career. The paintings are drawn by Me, in my Unique Style and Technique. The paintings were taken from an Australian Artist Magazine Issue, Art Created by a Successful Artist. These paintings are in my Art Journal, A3 Paper size, Acid free. These were Art created by Me, using Watercolours and Hard Pastels. Both Paintings, were Practice Paintings, Only. The Paintings are for Personal, Keeps, they stay in the Art Journal, never to be used in any other, Purpose or nature.

The next Two paintings, are of the Out back, I think I got the Idea for these Paintings, in an Australian Photo Text. The Purpose was to practice my Art Creating Skills, and the Use of the Watercolours and Hard pastel, to see the Effect I could achieve, on My own merit. The paintings are in an A3, Acid free, Art Journal, and are for my Private Acknowledgement. The paintings will not be used, for any Other purpose…

We have now arrived at, the Last two painting, which were Made as practice Art creations, a Few weeks ago, on A5, Art Journal, Acid free paper. They are One of My Favorite Flowers, THE TULIP…

Remember, if You have Anything to Say or Comment on, I am Always Very Happy to Hear From You…

I Thank you Today, for Visiting My Website for this Week. Remember to Social Distance, Stay Safe, Be Happy, and be Productive. See You All Next Website Posting.

I Am