The Month of March, which is Autumn 2021…

Its Autumn in My Country, and last week it was so Hot, 40C all Week. This Week the weather has been middle 20C, and the Temperature is getting Warmer Day by Day. We are Heading for a New Moon, I think last night I noticed the Moon was nearly 3/4’s Full? I could be wrong?

In my back garden my Native Daisy’s have Flowers, remember it is Autumn. The garden looks like an Autumn, Spring garden. My Red Hibiscus Plant, which is a Summer flowering plant, keeps flowering each day?

I have been walking just before Lunchtime, because the Mornings are Windy and too Cold. Just before lunch the Weather is Just Sunny, pleasant and comfortable to walk, in the neighborhood.

Yesterday on the Other far side of the Neighborhood, I walked past a Park area, which has a Small concrete section with a half Basketball court. I had nearly walked past, when I noticed a Teenagers Basketball beside the Goal Post in the shade. I looked around, No one to be seen. I decided I needed to Shoot some Goals, I did feel Since the age of 16yrs, I had not aimed a Goal.

I thought who cares, no one around let me See. The Ball seemed so heavy, I honestly did not know how to Throw or move my arms. The experience was Foreign. I thought I’ ll bounce the ball. Okay that was fine. Then I aimed for the Goally, terrible I kept missing, I felt so frustrated, and I talked out loud to myself, saying I was Goally, Then, I input Goals every time as a teenager.

I persisted, I mostly Bashed the ball to the Back board of the Goally. Then Surprised I thought let me Aim and follow through. One goal, two goals and then a Miss and a hit. The more I concentrated the more Goals, I made… Gee I thought, if I carry on Like this I’ll be here all Afternoon, anyhow I walked Home ward bound, feeling I had shot A Few Successful Goals. Smiling not to Bad, After All these Years. Gee, school was the best Life, I actually Miss it ALL… Oh Well and then Life Takes Over and Goes On and On… So SAD is Life, when I think about it All.

Hello Once Again, Here we are on My Art Journey, from 2008-2021… Today I have Paintings I made in 2009 and the last painting was made in 2011. These Art Creations are all Mixed Media, made mostly in Watercolours and Hard Pastel. The ideas were taken from texts, they were all photographs. I adapted them into my Art Style, and made them using, my Unique Art Technique. Remember these were practice paintings, just testing my Drawing skills and Media Use.

The next Four paintings of Fruit, are my Icons for my Newly Opened Patreon Tiers, (Levels), the Patreon, address is at the bottom of this page. Feel free to check the page out. Please note, I am just starting out, and I made a mistake, I thought I was doing the Right action, for the First blog post. I did not add all the completed work, I only Input the Basic first part of the Art Creating.

On my next Web Postings, on My Art Journey, I will be showing the Art Created in 2011, it is all Interesting Art. Please stay Tuned in, the next Post…

Thank you for visiting my Web Blog this Week. Do Remember to Social Distance, Stay Safe and Have A Productive and Happy Week…

See You Next Web Posting…

I Am