The Ending, of MAY, 2021…

Hi another Month is Nearly Over. June next, it will be Winter. A few Days Ago it was Full Moon, and Yesterday and Today we have had Moderate Rain through the Day, and Heavier Raining at Night. Very Good and Greater for Our Gardens, we had a Very Long Summer, in West Australia this Summer.

I have interesting information for You All. For this Website Posting on My Art’s Journey, I will be Posting the Last four paintings, that were in this A3, Sketch Journal. I thought what will I need, to Post next Website Posting? I decided to look in the other, Painting Art Journals. You have guessed Right, Finally I am Nearing the End, of My Previous Year’s Art Journey. I have a Few more Paintings, to show and Then?

Right I will start to Input and Set up my Website, the Way I Need to, as An Art Creative, Artist. Then onto, Onwards into My FUTURE Art JOURNEY…

The New Art Creations, will be All New Art, in A3, in Mixed Media and Mixed Media Collage. In The Impressionist Realist Style and Technique. Each Month I will Delete, the Older Two Paintings and Replace on the Website, with Two Newer Paintings. A total on My Website, of only Six Paintings, in Each Month.

Here we Are Once Again, on My Art’s Journey, for another Week.

The Following Four Paintings, are Of The Australian, Landscape. The Paintings are Made on A3, Acid free – Watercolour paper, in Windsor and Newton Artist, Watercolours. The Paintings were Art Created, 2009–2011… as Practice Art.

The Colorful, Watercolor, Paintings that Follow, are A5 Practice Art Creations, which I made a few Weeks ago. The Idea, is from the Free Photo Stock Photos, on Still Life Displays.

Thank You for visiting my Website this Week. Remember to Social Distance, Stay Safe. See You Next Website Posting.

I Am, artcreationsbymariec.art, creationsbymariec.art, patreon.com/artcreationsbymariecart.com, Etsy.com/Artpaperdesignsmarie