August 2021. Another Windy, Wet and Terrible Day…

Good Late Afternoon. I hope you are all Warm and Healthy Today. Yesterday we had A Hot Day and Today, From Early Morning until now, Well what can I say Cold, the temperature is on 15c Windy and Rainy…

Yesterday around Lunch time I managed to Head outside in my back garden, and actually feel Energized and Happy in the Warm Sun. I managed to pull out all the Over growth of Native Plants, around the bottom edge of my Garden Patch. The plant growth was Two years, that I had not tidied.

I know what you are thinking? Gee how untidy is that. NO NO, the plants were Flowering plants, and of course the edge looked very Full and Lovely with the Flowers, for most of the Year.

I have decided to clear the wide edge, because I have finally put in Surveillance Cameras , and I am very Positive that from now, my Front and back gardens are SAFE, Finally. I see the Evidence, both Gardens are flourishing, once again…

Here once again, we are on My Arts Journey. I have Three painting to share, they were Art Created in late, 2011. The Paper I used was the Arches Watercolor Paper, Rough 300GSM, in A3 size. The Paints I used were the Windsor and Newton, Artist Quality Watercolors.

The Paintings are By Modern Artists. I made them from Referencing their Paintings, from Library Text, Art Books. I remember I wanted to See, what the Art Outcome would be, made by Me.

Actually, I was quiet surprised at the time I Completed the Paintings, because I had being making Art for just over two years. The result, was Unique, in Style and Art Technique by Me. I am thinking the result was, Excellent because, I used The Top Art Paper and Watercolor Paints.

At this stage in my Art Career, I have Read and Watched a few Youtube Videos, and Professional Artists that make a good Income from their Art Practice. Have said, that Most Art Mediums in the, Medium to Low Range are sometimes, Better than the Better Quality, Art Materials? Because Products are easy with Newer Technology to Produce and Distribute, the only reason the Cost is lower. Quality is Quality, regardless of the Cost.

As for me, in My Honest Opinion, I think this Assertion is the Truth in my Case… I know QUALITY ART MATERIALS, ARE THE BEST. But, do these High Costs, make it Worth It, All for the Majority of Artist?

The Original PAINTINGS, were made by the Artist in Oils on Panel. I Drew the Paintings, In My Style, and Used Watercolors, Watercolor paper, to Complete the Paintings. I will label the Paintings, and Reference them, as not my Original Paintings.

I would like to hear from You, about what you think about the Paintings, I Made. Please contact me.

Roy De Maistre, 1933, Modern Painter. Still Life. Marie. Crimi. after Roy De Maistre. 2011…

Roy De Maistre, 1933, Modern Painter. Still Life. Marie. Crimi. after Roy De Maistre. 2011…

Criss Canning, Melbourne. Still Life. Marie. Crimi. after Criss Canning. 2011…

Thank you for Visiting My Website this Afternoon.

Please Social Distance, Stay Safe and Be Productive within Reason. Be Happy, See You All Next Website Post, on My Arts Journey.

I Am,

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