Monday is 1 November, 2021, Already???…

Already November 2021, on Monday? Wow how this Year has flown. I think the older I am, the faster, the Years are moving past me.

Monday will be the 1 November 2021, it will be All Saints Day, 2021. I guess at this Date, and in time, we do Need to face reality, Every year. That is that we are Not Immortal, someday when we Least expect it, Life will be over for Us all, as a Living breathing Individual, on this Planet, Earth.

One day Death said to Life, Why do People Love you, Life? and Hate Me, Death?,

Life thought Deeply, and then Answered Death, because Death you are the Inevitable, Truth, and I am Life, a Beautiful Lie…

Exactly, I stand in My Street and Look and think, Wow life is A Beautiful Lie.

I have a Young couple that, within, a Few short years, have made a Family, of Many Beautiful children. The Guy thinks his Partner drives away all of the time, because She is Seeing, someone else?

The Single girls, One next door and One across the road, are Dying to meet Mr. Prince Charming, and are Living just, to Be Married, As soon as??

The New Neighbors across the road, My son is Autistic, and She probably feels living, is Complicated for Her???

The above all Separate situations?, and Yet Similar or the same, Why?

Of course, it is Life, its all Part of the Human condition called life, Living. Every person in the world who is Living, breathing, has their Share of problems. Some People have Big problems, and others have Smaller Problems, and Issues.

If we had No issues in Life, it would not be called Life, Living? AGREE…

I am a Happy Living individual, because Unbeknown to these, Individuals and other people, I have had Big issues of My own, All of My life.

A Wise person in My life, said to me Once when I was in Deep pain, and in a Waterfall of tears. You My girl are Disillusioned, Life is not What you think, or Dream off. When I realized He was Loving, and Spoke the truth, I immediately picked Myself up, took my Heavy load, and Slowly but surely recovered. Can you Guess, who this Very Wise, Loving, Caring, Person was?

Here we are On My Art journey for the Last time, No My Art journey is Not Over, only the Past Art Showings are Over.

From now on, I set Out in a True Artist, Art Creative Style. I will be making all New Art creations, in A3 size, in My Unique Art Style and Technique.

Yes, on My True Art careers Journey into my Distant future, Get ready to Share in My Exciting Art existence and Artist Life…

At the End of each month, I will be Removing the Oldest two paintings, in the Number of six paintings, and Replacing them, with Two Newer paintings.

Today, I have Four A3 paintings that I made in 2015-2018, they Were made from True Artist paintings, which I drew in My Style and Coloured in my way. Made with acrylic paints.

The next Fifteen paintings, were made on Copy paper, they were made, in 2008, when I was Attempting art, this was Purely for Drawing practice. These Drawings, were Painted in using Very Basic Watercolors, just to Familiarize myself, with using Watercolors.

Thank you for visiting my Website posting today. I hope From, next month onwards, you will all Follow, My New website Postings and procedure, on My Art creations journey.

Remember to Social distance, to Stay Safe and to Work within limits. Be Happy…

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