My Web Site. Finally, up for 2022.

Hi, how are you all. I hope your Holidays in December 2021, went Excellently. I hope January, February 2022, were Good Months, to the Start of this Year.

I have just Caught up, with a Lot of things that I had, in the Back log, in the Months of, January and February 2022. I am Happy to tell you all, that I Am Ready to Start work, on My New Website. With all the, Newly Art created, Art, that I have Made, for this years, Web postings, as Promised, last year in October 2021.

This New Art creating, will launch, Me into My Newer Art career. I look forward to Posting, at the End of Every month in 2022, Two A3, New paintings, that I will be, Art creating, in My Art Style and Technique. On the Micador, Acid free, Art Paper…

With the Exclusive view, to Share what I Art create Each month. When I have, Created Six paintings, for My Website, artcreationsbymariec.art Each month I will be Removing, the Older Two paintings, and Introduce, Two Newer paintings, at the Top of the Page.

I will, allow You to make Comments, Vote and Give your Suggestions, as to What, you want Me to paint, for My Website, Art creations, Each Month. I will Reward you with an, A4, Signed copy, of a Painting of your choice.

I would Appreciate, this Greatly, Thanky.

Today, I will be Sharing the First A3, Acrylic Paintings I have Art created, for My New Website. Please remember, that these Painting are not My Perfect work. I was Experimenting on these Paintings. I am using New unknown Paper and their Texture, and also I did Under painting First, in Watercolour,Big Mistake. Then Painted the paintings, with Acrylics. Remember that, I have Not painted, in A3 size for, A Few years? This Why, my Paintings, look Unbalanced…

A Bouquet of Flowers. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

A Jug and A Girl. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Remember to Stay safe and to Social distance. Thanky for visiting My New Website. Remember to Like if you like, and then, to Share. See You All Next month, with Two New, Paintings…

I am creationsbymariec.art artcreationsbymariec.art etsy.com/Artpaperdesignsmarie


a bouquet of flowers

a3 size. acid free, micador, art paper. colourful painting, acrylics. original painting, just one, for sale.


a jug and a girl

a3 size. acrylic paints. acid free, micador, art paper. colourful painting. original painting, this one for sale only…