Standing Tall in a Landscape

Hi how are You all, today. Already the end Of August 2022, time seems to Fly by…
Standing Tall in a Landscape is about, the Landscape and How Trees
Stand Tall and Majestic In Their Landscape.
I have made Two Acrylic paintings to share with you today. I chose to make these Paintings in particular, because I wanted to do a Landscape scene, which was Different from the Normal, green landscapes that Artists do paint.
I thought I would do as usual an Internet search in Free photo stock, to find Fresh painting ideas. I looked, and Found a few good photos, of Landscapes. The photos that Appealed to me and were different. These photos were Ideas I could put My spin on. Photos were of Black trees, in a Nature atmospheric background.
I drew the Trees on the page, and then I made My Hills and other marks, On the Art Paper. I then made a wash of the Mont Marte Acrylic Silver series, Matt colors, Phthalo blue, Cobalt blue, and the Rose Madder in the Second painting. These colors gave the Ambience of a Serene landscape. Each painting has A Unique background, Back scene. I think this First step, makes a huge, difference to the Whole of the Painting, right through to, the Completion stage of the Paintings.

Tall in a Landscape
Tall and Majestic

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Thank you for visiting my Website Posting for this Month. See You All Next Month, with newer Paintings.
Remember to Social Distance and To Stay Safe.
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