A Wildflower and A Sunrise, WOW…

Good afternoon, how are You. I missed posting last week, because my laptop played up. I think because I have not synced it to the Ideapad, which I use for My Art Research, Photo searches and Drawing. This laptop is synced to my Smartphone. Each time I log into this Laptop, which is a dedicated Professional System and software, it decides to refresh on its own, and it takes ages.
As for the weather, last week it was Hot for September 2022. Today is Sunday, and the Weather has changed, it is windy and cold, like a winter’s day. The weather says, this week will be cold, 20c to 23c. What I can say is my Front and Back Gardens, are looking Beautiful. Full of Wildflowers, Green plants and Bushes, and what with No work in the Garden, I am very surprised, with the Natural, Nature Result this Spring, and Year to Date.
Just in time, this Colder weather this week, is a great time to Cook Slow Food and to Bake. I will need to do a Big shop, to do Bulk cooking, Baking to freeze. I am always Very busy, and I never have Time or the Energy to cook, as I Need to eat food. This week the weather is Cold, so I look forward to Cooking slow, and Yummy food. HOORAY, I LOVE FOOD. ? WHAT ABOUT YOU?
Here once again, I am sharing the A3 Art I Art Created, In Acrylic Paints, and Completed in Fine Liner Marker, for September 2022. The first painting is of Proteas, which are One of My Favorite Wildflower. The Color is unusual for this Particular painting, because the Proteas are Soft Pink, which have Turned out Very Colorful. Looking Beautiful, and all Woman, in the Color, of Pretty in Pink.
Protea Wildflower. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

The Second Painting I have, Art Created, in A3, made using the Acrylic paints, and completed in Fine liner Marker. The painting is, of a Sunrise Over A Mountain Landscape, in Canada. The colors are very Bright, Hot yellows, Eclectic browns, like a Brilliant Sunrise, You will Find, Anywhere in the World.
Then There Was Sunlight. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

If you have a Comment to Make, on the Foods You Like to Cook or Bake, when the Weather is Cold. Please Comment on the Form, I would Love to hear From You. You Can also make A comment, on the Paintings I have Posted in this Post for September 2022.

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Standing Tall in a Landscape

Hi how are You all, today. Already the end Of August 2022, time seems to Fly by…
Standing Tall in a Landscape is about, the Landscape and How Trees
Stand Tall and Majestic In Their Landscape.
I have made Two Acrylic paintings to share with you today. I chose to make these Paintings in particular, because I wanted to do a Landscape scene, which was Different from the Normal, green landscapes that Artists do paint.
I thought I would do as usual an Internet search in Free photo stock, to find Fresh painting ideas. I looked, and Found a few good photos, of Landscapes. The photos that Appealed to me and were different. These photos were Ideas I could put My spin on. Photos were of Black trees, in a Nature atmospheric background.
I drew the Trees on the page, and then I made My Hills and other marks, On the Art Paper. I then made a wash of the Mont Marte Acrylic Silver series, Matt colors, Phthalo blue, Cobalt blue, and the Rose Madder in the Second painting. These colors gave the Ambience of a Serene landscape. Each painting has A Unique background, Back scene. I think this First step, makes a huge, difference to the Whole of the Painting, right through to, the Completion stage of the Paintings.

Tall in a Landscape
Tall and Majestic

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Girls in the City, and My Art Too…

Hi I am a day late in Posting for this website, because it has been very Cold, 11-13c. Which has made me hibernate, greatly. I have been meticulously cleaning and cooking very slow food, and of course Shopping for what I need, exactly to Accomplish the task at hand.

Here I am again today, and I have been looking into Art magazines, on the Public library app., which is Saving me lots of money in Purchase costs. You also get to look at all other, Interesting Magazine, When and How you want, and all for Free…
Remember you can Sign up, Online, through your Public suburbs, Library pages…Seriously it is worth, it. Can be very Educational and Interesting for you, as an Individual. Remember it Saves you Money on the Purchase of Books, and Magazines and more…

In the Artists and Illustrators’ Art magazine, August 2022, usually costs E5.50 per Copy each month. One of Many Art magazines, you can Check out for free.
The Royal Summer Art Show, which is held in the Piccadilly London area, each year. Is said to be the World’s most Joyful Art experience, for Artists and the General public.

Anyone can Enter any Artwork. Permanent Members, there are 80, can enter up to Six works a Year. The exhibit, is made up of Another 1,500 entries. Nine Academicians, view over 10,000 Art works entered into each year, and then Choose 1,500 which Appeals to them. The Six artist that Win a Prize each year, are usually Newer Artists, who are Exhibiting. Usually, these Artists go on to become very Successful Art Professionals, in the Art Scene…This Exhibition exhibits the art, for Two months each Year. The Topic for this Year 2022, was Climate. Mostly the Artists used this word, in Relationship to the Planet Earth and the Weather. Six Winners were Chosen in this Exhibition, 2022…

  • Emma Chambers-Nettles and Ragwort, Oil on board, 54x44cms.
  • Max Angus-Oystercatchers, Away day, 4 Block linocut print, 23x40cms.
  • Paul Anderson-Nature’s Way, Acrylics, 1mx50cms.
  • Marcus Walder-Morning Sunlight-St John’s Playing Fields, Oil on clay board, 23x30cms.
  • Fay Lachenal-Let in the Light, Acrylic on canvas, 104x104cms.
  • Christian Kuras-Pattern, Oil on board, 22x23cms.

Do have a look at these Artists, Art winners, and into their Websites, to See their Unique Artwork. for your Interest, Inspiration/ and Exhibition purposes. You too could Get lucky, to Win and become, a Top Professional Artist?

My Art contribution for this Website posting, is Girls in the City, well in their Particular, Cultures. I have made these A3 Paintings, in Acrylic paints, the Silver series, Mont Marte, Matt colors, which are very Smooth and Easy to use, as Art media. These paints, for Low cost, give a Professional finish to My Art creations, each time…

Day in the City. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Just Dreaming. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Please feel free to Comment, if you have anything to Say, or Information to give me. Remember you are always Welcome.

Note this: I have just been through this Art magazine, First time I have seen this Art magazine. How to Paint and Draw. If you are Interested in knowing how to Art? Everything, have a look in this Magazine, it is very Useful to the Beginner and to the Advanced Artist alike. This Art magazine, has all the Answers, for the Artist, and if you find it in the Public library’s, it is a Very Big bonus, and for Free…

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Under Water Paintings, and My Art too…


Hi How are You, All.   Today I will be elaborating on What is, Underwater Painting, and I have made Two paintings on this topic, to Share With You.

Yesterday I got a Late Invite to A Friendly. Friend Coffee Meet, with Two Friends. The Weather was Sunny, but only 16C, but okay. I work from Home since, Covids, over Two Years now.   Occasionally, I leave My House, to Walk, Shop and Go into the City, to Show up for My Work, which is to update My Employers.

Here we were Yesterday at a Friends House, to catch up for Coffee, which turned out to be, Very Enjoyable, after a Few Weeks of Absence, from each other. I thought, when I was contacted, Gee I have Not met with any of My, Many Friends for a Long Time. I made the Effort finally to meet, These Particular Friends. I realized, sitting there on Counter Chairs, in the Kitchen, that this Was the Break, I had Needed for a Few days. I am Happy to say, it was all Catch up talk, and Light, Funny and Some Serious, Conversation as well… We had Tall Coffee’s and Freshly Baked Sweets, all Yummy. The weather was Sunny and I noticed, the Aura, was Light and Happier, Compared to Two years ago. The Afternoon Flew By, in An Atom…An Enjoyable, few Hours Well Spent.

TRUELY, Friends Are A Gift, From Above…

Here we are in the Blog, Website section for another day. Art and Under the Seas, Scenes and Art Creating. There are Endless breathtaking works of Art that Capture the Ocean, both Above and below the Water. Underwater Art, Allows us into, How, Animals and plants live in the Sea, and how These Interact with each other. From the Whales, Dolphins and to, the Coral Reefs.  ( Take a look,  https://genesis/inspiration foundation. org/creating-art-underwater )

Painting Underwater is difficult, in Comparison to above water, Painting. All underwater Movement is Slow, and the Tidal Movement Make it all challenging. Time is also Fixed, based on Scuba Tank Capacity, Making it Difficult, to Complete a Painting, under the Sea. ( In the,  https://www.theodore ), and Theodore Heublein Artwork.

In the Wikipedia–Underwater Art, it say’s, that Underwater painting Uses, a Specific Painting Technique, which Adapts painting Materials, techniques, tools and Exhibition, to the SubAcquatic Conditions. Andre Alban was the First Underwater Painter. He developed, his Technique, as a part, of many Inventions, he Created, when working with Jacques  Cousteau.

(… )

In the 44+ Underwater Paintings, Art and Ideas, Pictures, Images/Design Trends. (… ) The, Article continues to Say, that Underwater Paintings are available in Various Media.  Acrylic, Abstract, Watercolour Paintings, and many other Media. There are many Forms, and Styles in this Type, of Underwater, Painting.

I have made my Underwater Art Creation, Paintings, in Acrylic paints, ( The Mont Marte, Colours and the Creative Acrylics. I Use Watercolour, Colourful paints by the Art Creative Media, which are a Higher/Average, Level Media. The Paints, give, A Professional, Art Creation/s, Results. Both the Above Painting Media, are All Water Soluble, 100%, Natural Products. The Value Factor, is Excellent. Quality Reasonable, Eco–Health wise/Reassuring, and the Prices are, Amazingly Good.

Starry Night.  Mixed Media.  Marie. Crimi.  2022…

Under the Sea.  Mixed Media.  Marie. Crimi. 2022…


In Conclusion to this Website Posting for This Month, I think we can Say that Underwater Painting, is An Art Form, with A Style and Technique of its own. The Art Materials, that are Used in this Type of Art Creating, are Many, and Are Art Specific to each, Painting and The Artist. Who have their Individual style, in Which is, the Original, Art Creator, of The Underwater Paintings.

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May 2022. Fashion Design, 1 and 2…

Good afternoon, how Are You All on this Saturday afternoon. It is Sunny where I am living, but the Sun is an Autumn sun, which is a Hot Sunny, that Means, Rain is Imminent, Tomorrow, or in A few days.

Today for this Website posting, I have made Two Fashion Design Artworks, in Relation with my Blog post on My, in My Next post, In June, 2022, which will be all Fashion design, Information.

I particularly like to Draw Fashion Design, because I Think Fashion is amazing, to be Interested in, and to Participate in. I coloured the A3, Paintings in Watercolors, and Completed the paintings, in Fine marker. Which is the Preferred medium, used by Fashion Illustrators and Fashion Artists.

I do not think we can Succeed in our Environments and Cultures, without Wearing clothes of Some Design or description? Do you agree?

To be Honest, I like to Wear Fashion that is very Comfortable, Colorful and made in Unique designs, and Is in Long wearing fabrics. Oh and Cost wise, Very reasonable.

Here we are on My Art, Web posting, with Two Fashion Design paintings, made on A3, Micador Acid free, Art paper. In Colorful colors, using Watercolors and Fine Marker, to Complete the Paintings.

Fashion Design One. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Fashion Design Two. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

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20220528_145149 (2)

fashion design one

a3, acid free, micador art paper. watercolors, finelinermarker.



fashion design two

a3, acid free, micador art paper. colorful painting. watercolors, fine liner marker.