After The Great Artists, and my Art Journey…

Hi Sorry for the absence of My Art Journey Painting’s Posting, last Friday the 12 June 2020. In my Suburb there was, A Rain, Windy Storm, All Day, the Internet was Down, and no Wifi Connection, for a few days.

Today I have decided it is time once again to post on my Art Journey. This Posting is last Weeks, Friday Posting.

The paintings are, made from Actual famous painters, Paintings from their past. The paintings are, of My very earlier, Art Work. I honestly think, in the beginning, of my Art Journey, the paintings were very good. I can see the Enthusiasm I had in working on paintings, initially. The Art and technique and style actually can be seen, early in my art attempts. I would like you to Comment, and give me your honest thoughts. I would like you to share your Art works, it would be Enlightening to See, your work, in the beginning of your Art Creating. Please leave any comments, and share if you like or feel the Art Work, is Worthy to Share… See You this Friday.

  • Allegory of Music. Watercolours. after Gustav Klimt. Marie Crimi. 2012.
  • Two Girls with an Oleander, 1890. Mixed Media. after Gustav Klimt. Marie Crimi. 2012.
  • Flower, Vase, and Japanese Fabric. Watercolours. Marie Crimi. 2012.
  • Judith 1901. Watercolours. after Gustav Klimt. Marie Crimi. 2012.
  • A Bowl of Delightful, Pineapple To. Mixed media Collage. after… Marie Crimi. 2017.