A Sunset and in Africa today?…

Welcome to My Website Post today, for this Month’s Post. How are You all today?
Today I have something very Important to say to you. That is about us all to some degree, in that we all Experience loneliness or aloneness, am I right in saying this?
This morning after my Slow and excellent breakfast, I was just turning on my Smartphone, to check if family had contacted me this morning. No, they do not contact me on Saturday mornings, because my family, work on Saturdays. If I receive a message, it is after 5.30pm, in the afternoon. After my family’s workday, is over. My next step was to Check emails, not many important interesting emails there. I decided, to Check my Facebook account.

Last night, scrolling through, I noticed a message from a Young woman, saying how it is a Long and lonely life. I thought I’ll answer, with some of my Wise words, that I have accumulated over the years, and through, Social interactions.
I actually had a Reply from the Young woman, this morning, telling me she Had, had enough of treating people Better than family in her life. Sharing and more sharing, and from her Heart. and recently these same people, have Turned on her. They took Money from her purse, food and electronic goods, and she Continued to say, Destroyed her faith in people. This was not the first time, people had Used and abused her.

The young woman was so hurt, it actually caused, Tears to run down my cheeks.
My question is, and problem are with, Top professionals who Tell their patients, to Go out there, and be with people and to Make friends. Telling people, that it is good for Loneliness and the psych. makes me Wonder, if these professionals, actually are InTouch with Reality or not?

There are people Lonely and hurting, after taking their advice. Yes, this is a Huge social, and big problem, in our society?
It seems to me, that this, Misinformation, that Professionals’ GIVE OUT IS Causing, A LOT OF the PROBLEMS And PAIN, for People.
In my Opinion and private experience, as a Teenager I noticed something amazing. I could see that my kindness, was being rejected. For the Materialism, and greed of Self.   Remember we were basically still children, the same?

As I grew older, my Immediate siblings, became estranged to me. They had the same disease, as My friends. I had a Wise Father and he Enlightened me. I became withdrawn, and I suffered I think, now a, Shock health issue, because of the Stress and emotional pain, this caused me. Now at my age, I realize, that when I run into these same people, it’s all the Same, they have not changed. I have Heard and heard, things about them and others. Well, I have concluded, that Yes, Education, work, money, Professionals and Society do No GOOD For Society… and that People, will be People, No matter what?

To conclude this honest discussion, Life is so strange, no matter, what a Person does or not, it makes no Difference. No Wonder I Love Been Sitting Duck, I arrived, and all those Individuals are still chasing, chasing and More chasing… GOODOH, Keep On…

Here today, once again on My Art journey, I have made Two A3 paintings, in Acrylic paints, and completed the paintings, in Fine liner marker. I say they are a Series, even though, they are Completely different, to each Other and theme. Well not really, they are Both Nature scenes, one is of a Landscape and the Other painting, is of an African woman in, her City, or town, the Desert in Africa, in which this Person is a Natural, in the Desert scene…

A Sunset, over a Landscape.  Mixed Media.  Marie. Crimi.  2022...


An African Woman and Jug.  Mixed Media.  Marie. Crimi.  2022…


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May 2022. Fashion Design, 1 and 2…

Good afternoon, how Are You All on this Saturday afternoon. It is Sunny where I am living, but the Sun is an Autumn sun, which is a Hot Sunny, that Means, Rain is Imminent, Tomorrow, or in A few days.

Today for this Website posting, I have made Two Fashion Design Artworks, in Relation with my Blog post on My, in My Next post, In June, 2022, which will be all Fashion design, Information.

I particularly like to Draw Fashion Design, because I Think Fashion is amazing, to be Interested in, and to Participate in. I coloured the A3, Paintings in Watercolors, and Completed the paintings, in Fine marker. Which is the Preferred medium, used by Fashion Illustrators and Fashion Artists.

I do not think we can Succeed in our Environments and Cultures, without Wearing clothes of Some Design or description? Do you agree?

To be Honest, I like to Wear Fashion that is very Comfortable, Colorful and made in Unique designs, and Is in Long wearing fabrics. Oh and Cost wise, Very reasonable.

Here we are on My Art, Web posting, with Two Fashion Design paintings, made on A3, Micador Acid free, Art paper. In Colorful colors, using Watercolors and Fine Marker, to Complete the Paintings.

Fashion Design One. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Fashion Design Two. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

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20220528_145149 (2)

fashion design one

a3, acid free, micador art paper. watercolors, finelinermarker.



fashion design two

a3, acid free, micador art paper. colorful painting. watercolors, fine liner marker.



Monday is 1 November, 2021, Already???…

Already November 2021, on Monday? Wow how this Year has flown. I think the older I am, the faster, the Years are moving past me.

Monday will be the 1 November 2021, it will be All Saints Day, 2021. I guess at this Date, and in time, we do Need to face reality, Every year. That is that we are Not Immortal, someday when we Least expect it, Life will be over for Us all, as a Living breathing Individual, on this Planet, Earth.

One day Death said to Life, Why do People Love you, Life? and Hate Me, Death?,

Life thought Deeply, and then Answered Death, because Death you are the Inevitable, Truth, and I am Life, a Beautiful Lie…

Exactly, I stand in My Street and Look and think, Wow life is A Beautiful Lie.

I have a Young couple that, within, a Few short years, have made a Family, of Many Beautiful children. The Guy thinks his Partner drives away all of the time, because She is Seeing, someone else?

The Single girls, One next door and One across the road, are Dying to meet Mr. Prince Charming, and are Living just, to Be Married, As soon as??

The New Neighbors across the road, My son is Autistic, and She probably feels living, is Complicated for Her???

The above all Separate situations?, and Yet Similar or the same, Why?

Of course, it is Life, its all Part of the Human condition called life, Living. Every person in the world who is Living, breathing, has their Share of problems. Some People have Big problems, and others have Smaller Problems, and Issues.

If we had No issues in Life, it would not be called Life, Living? AGREE…

I am a Happy Living individual, because Unbeknown to these, Individuals and other people, I have had Big issues of My own, All of My life.

A Wise person in My life, said to me Once when I was in Deep pain, and in a Waterfall of tears. You My girl are Disillusioned, Life is not What you think, or Dream off. When I realized He was Loving, and Spoke the truth, I immediately picked Myself up, took my Heavy load, and Slowly but surely recovered. Can you Guess, who this Very Wise, Loving, Caring, Person was?

Here we are On My Art journey for the Last time, No My Art journey is Not Over, only the Past Art Showings are Over.

From now on, I set Out in a True Artist, Art Creative Style. I will be making all New Art creations, in A3 size, in My Unique Art Style and Technique.

Yes, on My True Art careers Journey into my Distant future, Get ready to Share in My Exciting Art existence and Artist Life…

At the End of each month, I will be Removing the Oldest two paintings, in the Number of six paintings, and Replacing them, with Two Newer paintings.

Today, I have Four A3 paintings that I made in 2015-2018, they Were made from True Artist paintings, which I drew in My Style and Coloured in my way. Made with acrylic paints.

The next Fifteen paintings, were made on Copy paper, they were made, in 2008, when I was Attempting art, this was Purely for Drawing practice. These Drawings, were Painted in using Very Basic Watercolors, just to Familiarize myself, with using Watercolors.

Thank you for visiting my Website posting today. I hope From, next month onwards, you will all Follow, My New website Postings and procedure, on My Art creations journey.

Remember to Social distance, to Stay Safe and to Work within limits. Be Happy…

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Spring is In The Air, and What Amazing Weather…

The weather for Two weeks has been Amazing, Warm and very Bright and Sunny. A pleasure to finally See, we did have I think the Windiest and Coldest Winter this year, 2021… For a couple of weeks I have been Busy in-between doing all the Other things I need to do. I have made Time to Garden my Back garden, as you know from My Last, Post.

Yesterday I finally Sectioned off, the Areas in which I buried the Spent winter, Green plants. I thought I would Wait and see this season, what the Outcome will be over Summer, For the Two areas? I am Starting off slowly, to Regenerate the soil, from Unwanted human Pest damage…

Here we are on my Art journey once again, do I have Two surprises for you all. Yes, I have A3, paintings that I made in 2014, in Acrylics paints, the Ideas for the Paintings, Were taken from Home garden magazines and from, other Artists. All Unrecognizable paintings, they have been Drawn in my Style and technique, Completely. I have used my own Alive colors.

The Second collection of Paintings, were made on Copy paper and these paintings were made, to Launch me into Art, through Drawing practice, made in 2008. These pictures were My own Unique drawings, from Garden magazines.

You are always Welcome to Comment. Thanking you for visiting my Website, this Month… I promise One day soon I will be Art creating New Paintings, for this Website, and All Paintings, will be, in A3, size.

The following Four paintings, are the A3 Sizes…

The following Paintings, are the A4, Copy paper, Launching drawings, Practice paintings...

Remember to Social distance, Stay safe and Work within Limits. Be Happy.

See You All, next Website Posting…

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August 2021. Another Windy, Wet and Terrible Day…

Good Late Afternoon. I hope you are all Warm and Healthy Today. Yesterday we had A Hot Day and Today, From Early Morning until now, Well what can I say Cold, the temperature is on 15c Windy and Rainy…

Yesterday around Lunch time I managed to Head outside in my back garden, and actually feel Energized and Happy in the Warm Sun. I managed to pull out all the Over growth of Native Plants, around the bottom edge of my Garden Patch. The plant growth was Two years, that I had not tidied.

I know what you are thinking? Gee how untidy is that. NO NO, the plants were Flowering plants, and of course the edge looked very Full and Lovely with the Flowers, for most of the Year.

I have decided to clear the wide edge, because I have finally put in Surveillance Cameras , and I am very Positive that from now, my Front and back gardens are SAFE, Finally. I see the Evidence, both Gardens are flourishing, once again…

Here once again, we are on My Arts Journey. I have Three painting to share, they were Art Created in late, 2011. The Paper I used was the Arches Watercolor Paper, Rough 300GSM, in A3 size. The Paints I used were the Windsor and Newton, Artist Quality Watercolors.

The Paintings are By Modern Artists. I made them from Referencing their Paintings, from Library Text, Art Books. I remember I wanted to See, what the Art Outcome would be, made by Me.

Actually, I was quiet surprised at the time I Completed the Paintings, because I had being making Art for just over two years. The result, was Unique, in Style and Art Technique by Me. I am thinking the result was, Excellent because, I used The Top Art Paper and Watercolor Paints.

At this stage in my Art Career, I have Read and Watched a few Youtube Videos, and Professional Artists that make a good Income from their Art Practice. Have said, that Most Art Mediums in the, Medium to Low Range are sometimes, Better than the Better Quality, Art Materials? Because Products are easy with Newer Technology to Produce and Distribute, the only reason the Cost is lower. Quality is Quality, regardless of the Cost.

As for me, in My Honest Opinion, I think this Assertion is the Truth in my Case… I know QUALITY ART MATERIALS, ARE THE BEST. But, do these High Costs, make it Worth It, All for the Majority of Artist?

The Original PAINTINGS, were made by the Artist in Oils on Panel. I Drew the Paintings, In My Style, and Used Watercolors, Watercolor paper, to Complete the Paintings. I will label the Paintings, and Reference them, as not my Original Paintings.

I would like to hear from You, about what you think about the Paintings, I Made. Please contact me.

Roy De Maistre, 1933, Modern Painter. Still Life. Marie. Crimi. after Roy De Maistre. 2011…

Roy De Maistre, 1933, Modern Painter. Still Life. Marie. Crimi. after Roy De Maistre. 2011…

Criss Canning, Melbourne. Still Life. Marie. Crimi. after Criss Canning. 2011…

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