New and Older Paintings, on My Art Journey…

Good afternoon, I hope you are Well.

On this Website posting today, I will be posting, Four Newer A5 Paintings I Made Last Week, for Practice in Drawing and Using Watercolour Paints. I decided I have Missed using Watercolours, which was the Medium I used, to Launch My Art Career in 2008.

These A5 paintings, were taken from Free Photo Stock, on the Internet. These paintings are drawn by Me and Art Creation Completed, in My Unique Style and Technique.

The Next Few Paintings I am Posting, are Paintings made on A3 Size, Acid free, Creative Art Canvas Paper for Acrylics. The Canvas Paper is Very Easy to Use, and gives Paintings A Highly, Professional Finish.

I used the Acrylic Paints, Monte Marte, Silver Series Colours, and the Matte-Series Colours Too. These Colours are all easy to Mix and to apply, to the Canvas Paper, and the Paints, dry well, in record time…

I Used the Paintings taken from Art Magazines and Texts, Made by Professional Artists. These Paintings were made, in My Unique Drawing Style and Colours.

The Paintings were made, as Practice Pieces Only, to See the Art Creation Outcome for my Personal Reasons. The Paintings were Never made to, be Sold or To Steal from the Art Creators, ORIGINAL Art Works. The paintings are in an A3, Canvas Paper Pad, Kept for Sentimental reasons, on My Art Journey.

These A3 Paintings are a Mix of Paintings, these Paintings were made at the Beginning of 2014, Using the Monte Marte Acrylic Paints.

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Thank you for Visiting, my Website posting this week.

Remember to Social Distance, Stay Safe and be Productive. See You Next Week.

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