Under Water Paintings, and My Art too…


Hi How are You, All.   Today I will be elaborating on What is, Underwater Painting, and I have made Two paintings on this topic, to Share With You.

Yesterday I got a Late Invite to A Friendly. Friend Coffee Meet, with Two Friends. The Weather was Sunny, but only 16C, but okay. I work from Home since, Covids, over Two Years now.   Occasionally, I leave My House, to Walk, Shop and Go into the City, to Show up for My Work, which is to update My Employers.

Here we were Yesterday at a Friends House, to catch up for Coffee, which turned out to be, Very Enjoyable, after a Few Weeks of Absence, from each other. I thought, when I was contacted, Gee I have Not met with any of My, Many Friends for a Long Time. I made the Effort finally to meet, These Particular Friends. I realized, sitting there on Counter Chairs, in the Kitchen, that this Was the Break, I had Needed for a Few days. I am Happy to say, it was all Catch up talk, and Light, Funny and Some Serious, Conversation as well… We had Tall Coffee’s and Freshly Baked Sweets, all Yummy. The weather was Sunny and I noticed, the Aura, was Light and Happier, Compared to Two years ago. The Afternoon Flew By, in An Atom…An Enjoyable, few Hours Well Spent.

TRUELY, Friends Are A Gift, From Above…

Here we are in the Blog, Website section for another day. Art and Under the Seas, Scenes and Art Creating. There are Endless breathtaking works of Art that Capture the Ocean, both Above and below the Water. Underwater Art, Allows us into, How, Animals and plants live in the Sea, and how These Interact with each other. From the Whales, Dolphins and to, the Coral Reefs.  ( Take a look,  https://genesis/inspiration foundation. org/creating-art-underwater )

Painting Underwater is difficult, in Comparison to above water, Painting. All underwater Movement is Slow, and the Tidal Movement Make it all challenging. Time is also Fixed, based on Scuba Tank Capacity, Making it Difficult, to Complete a Painting, under the Sea. ( In the,  https://www.theodore ), and Theodore Heublein Artwork.

In the Wikipedia–Underwater Art, it say’s, that Underwater painting Uses, a Specific Painting Technique, which Adapts painting Materials, techniques, tools and Exhibition, to the SubAcquatic Conditions. Andre Alban was the First Underwater Painter. He developed, his Technique, as a part, of many Inventions, he Created, when working with Jacques  Cousteau.

(… )

In the 44+ Underwater Paintings, Art and Ideas, Pictures, Images/Design Trends. (… ) The, Article continues to Say, that Underwater Paintings are available in Various Media.  Acrylic, Abstract, Watercolour Paintings, and many other Media. There are many Forms, and Styles in this Type, of Underwater, Painting.

I have made my Underwater Art Creation, Paintings, in Acrylic paints, ( The Mont Marte, Colours and the Creative Acrylics. I Use Watercolour, Colourful paints by the Art Creative Media, which are a Higher/Average, Level Media. The Paints, give, A Professional, Art Creation/s, Results. Both the Above Painting Media, are All Water Soluble, 100%, Natural Products. The Value Factor, is Excellent. Quality Reasonable, Eco–Health wise/Reassuring, and the Prices are, Amazingly Good.

Starry Night.  Mixed Media.  Marie. Crimi.  2022…

Under the Sea.  Mixed Media.  Marie. Crimi. 2022…


In Conclusion to this Website Posting for This Month, I think we can Say that Underwater Painting, is An Art Form, with A Style and Technique of its own. The Art Materials, that are Used in this Type of Art Creating, are Many, and Are Art Specific to each, Painting and The Artist. Who have their Individual style, in Which is, the Original, Art Creator, of The Underwater Paintings.

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Portraits, More Portraits, On My Art Journey…

Hi, I hope All is Well with You All. Today, what can I say about today? I can say a Lot, but I can only Say One Word, HOT.

The weather in my State was HOT HOT, Very HOT. The Temperature was 40C. Agree?, HOT and Very Dry. It was very Bright out in the Sun, and You could not Breathe Outside. In the Early Morning I was Busy as the Usual, I decided to take a Sick Day, because of the Hot Weather. Late morning, it is very Cool at the Front of my House, so I sat in the Media Room for an Hour. I never have the Time, or inclination to sit and watch TV.

I watched my Favourite program, the House Hunting International, On the Life Channel, my Favourite Channel and the Food Channnel, are the Best for Me to Watch. I got an Idea at Lunch time, that for Dinner tonight I would take the Left over, Vegetable Mash from Last Nights Dinner, and make up Vegie Rissoles, and make up A Fresh Green Salad from my Garden, where Nothing is growing at the Moment. The Weather has been to HOT, and even when I water, the Soil underneath is always Dry soil. Makes No Difference how much water you Spray over, the Garden. In fact after Seven years of living at this address, the Spring and Summer weather does not grow, Any Fresh Foods. Oh Well, that is Life?…

Here we are, another week on my Art Journey, through time. This week, I have decided in Continuation of Last Week, to Show Portraits and More Portraits, which were made close to My Starting my Art Career.

In the Painting below, I used the Metallic Colour Pencils, 12, Faber Castells. The Idea came from Free photo stock, under Portraits. It was Art created, in My Unique Art Style and Completed in My Technique. I have these Colour Pencils for awhile, I thought I would try them out, and see if the Metallic Colours appeal to my Portrait Art Style.

I do like them, they are easy to Use, and I look forward to using them when I Portrait Art Create, in my Future Art Creations.

I used Colour Pencils in Particular to Create the Portraits, because I thought it was the first Medium I used, First Year in Primary School. I loved the Colour Pencils to bits, I used them the Staedtler 24 Colours, which I kept for Years, before Throwing out because they were, All Used Up. I thought I need to Move ON and On…

The next Portrait was a Practice piece I made in 2010, using the New Hard and Soft Pastels, by Mungo, which were a Newer medium, I had not used before. Previously, I liked to work in Pastel Colours. This Portrait, was from a Text On Portraits, made in Oils. Remember it is only a Practice Piece?

The Next Portrait is a Watercolour, taken from A Text, and only for Practise, to see how to draw Portraits, and the use of the Watercolours, I think they were the Artists Cotman Colours. This was made in 2010.

The next Portrait is made in Acrylic Paints, this Medium was New to My Art Creating, 2010. The colours were the Mont Marte–Matt Acrylic Paints.

The next Portrait was a Fantasy Painting, I was trying out the Soft Pastels, by Mungo, in 2010…

This Afternoon on A Very Hot Day, Today is Nearly Over. Remember if You have a comment to Make, Idea or Thoughts to Share, Thanky and Share, I am Always Happy to Hear from YOU.

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I Am



The Australian Desert, Cards and Stickers too… on My Art Journey.

Hello. Happy Friday. Another Week has passed, so much to do and nothing done. Oh well that is Life. What I want to tell you, is that its Spring in my part of the World, and the weather is Finally Sunny and Pleasant. The Flowers are in Bloom, the only downside to this Beautiful and Pleasant Weather. is that the Weeds are all beginning to come up through the Garden Soil. Sleeping through the Night, is finally Joyful. When I get up through the night to have a walk around the Living area, it is not cold at all. When I head back to sleep, I easily fall asleep. In winter it took me ages to get back to sleep, because I felt chilled. Hooray Hooray for Spring.

And now I think I should get down to the Website presentation for this Week, on my Arts Journey.

The following two Paintings, are of the Outback, in the Northern Territory, in Australia. These paintings were made at the very beginning of my Art Journey, in 2008. The paintings are made with Watercolours, which were only Budget colours, and Pastels. I was orientating myself with Art materials, so that is why Budget supplies, at the start of my Art Career.

The Four, Gift cards, that follow after the paintings, I made in 2009, when I started to Exhibit my Art creations, at an Art Gallery, to accompany the Art I Put in the Exhibition. These are made in Basic watercolours and completed in the Sharpie, Black fine Line- Marker. These were the packets of cards, that did not sell, in a packet of Ten cards, at this Exhibition.

The A5 Mermaid Paintings, I made last week, for Fun and to practise my Drawing skill. These are Stickers to be printed on Sticker paper. Well, a little Art and Cards for Presentation, and a little Trivia, because it is Friday, to give you a little, to look at.

Please contact me on the Form that follows, if you have Comments, ideas, thoughts or anything to say. I look forward to hearing from You.

Thank you for visiting my Website today, on my Art Journey. Remember to Stay Safe and to Social distance. See You All Next Week.

I Am,,,,,