May 2022. Fashion Design, 1 and 2…

Good afternoon, how Are You All on this Saturday afternoon. It is Sunny where I am living, but the Sun is an Autumn sun, which is a Hot Sunny, that Means, Rain is Imminent, Tomorrow, or in A few days.

Today for this Website posting, I have made Two Fashion Design Artworks, in Relation with my Blog post on My, in My Next post, In June, 2022, which will be all Fashion design, Information.

I particularly like to Draw Fashion Design, because I Think Fashion is amazing, to be Interested in, and to Participate in. I coloured the A3, Paintings in Watercolors, and Completed the paintings, in Fine marker. Which is the Preferred medium, used by Fashion Illustrators and Fashion Artists.

I do not think we can Succeed in our Environments and Cultures, without Wearing clothes of Some Design or description? Do you agree?

To be Honest, I like to Wear Fashion that is very Comfortable, Colorful and made in Unique designs, and Is in Long wearing fabrics. Oh and Cost wise, Very reasonable.

Here we are on My Art, Web posting, with Two Fashion Design paintings, made on A3, Micador Acid free, Art paper. In Colorful colors, using Watercolors and Fine Marker, to Complete the Paintings.

Fashion Design One. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Fashion Design Two. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

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Remember to Social distance, Stay safe and Work in Moderation. See You All ,Next Month, for My New Website posting.

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20220528_145149 (2)

fashion design one

a3, acid free, micador art paper. watercolors, finelinermarker.



fashion design two

a3, acid free, micador art paper. colorful painting. watercolors, fine liner marker.



Hi it is nearly the End of April 2022. It will be Mothers day in May 2022, and It is also The Holy Month of Our Most Holy Lady. Our Lords Heavenly Mother.

It looks to me as if this Year is truly into the Year ahead, and Hopefully it will be a Good Year, a Very good and Excellent year, 2022. So far Excellent, Thank you, God the Universe.

Today I want to Share with you Something Important to me. I have a Lot of Repairs to Make on My House and gardens. Yes, due to Humans Damage to My Whole property… Sorry to tell you, but It is important to Understand the situation? Anyway I have Thoughts and ideas, that Should Spiritually Fix the Problem. Remember, that Karma does Catch up, with Ungodly people… True Fact…

Here We Go,

  • The more You steal, the Less you have…
  • The more You damage, the Less abundant and Healthy You become…
  • The more You double dip… the More You work, the Less You will have and Own…
  • Destroy nature, Nature destroys You, and Your family members. And makes You very Unhappy Too…

Believe Me, this is Happening, at this moment…Be careful, and Do the Right thing at all times. This is Gospel… Maybe that is Why, the Law does not Take Action on the Complainants, Behalf. KARMA SHOWS UP… Yes YES…

Finally here We are on my Website Journey, for the Second Time, so far this Year, 2022…

This First Painting is of a Girl in a Sunflower Landscape, I like Sunflowers. This painting is made in Acrylic Paints, the Mont Marte, Silver Matt Series, in the Tubes.

Sunflowers and Me. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022

This Second Painting, is of a Giraffe in his Nature Landscape, He is all Alone. Like a lot of Good people, in Society today? The Painting is made in Acrylic Paints, the Mont Marte, Silver Series, in the Tubes. The Paintings are outlined, in Fine marker, to complete the Art Creations.

My Paintings took Me less time to Art create, this Session, because, I have Being Successful working in this Media, Finally. First Website, posting, the Paintings, Were Difficult to make…

Majestic Me, All Alone. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022...

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sunflowers and me. 2022…

original painting, a3 size, on micador acid free, art paper. acylics and fine liner marker…


majestic me, all alone. 2022…

original painting. a3 size, made on micador, acid free, art paper. acrylic paints and fine liner marker…



My Web Site. Finally, up for 2022.

Hi, how are you all. I hope your Holidays in December 2021, went Excellently. I hope January, February 2022, were Good Months, to the Start of this Year.

I have just Caught up, with a Lot of things that I had, in the Back log, in the Months of, January and February 2022. I am Happy to tell you all, that I Am Ready to Start work, on My New Website. With all the, Newly Art created, Art, that I have Made, for this years, Web postings, as Promised, last year in October 2021.

This New Art creating, will launch, Me into My Newer Art career. I look forward to Posting, at the End of Every month in 2022, Two A3, New paintings, that I will be, Art creating, in My Art Style and Technique. On the Micador, Acid free, Art Paper…

With the Exclusive view, to Share what I Art create Each month. When I have, Created Six paintings, for My Website, Each month I will be Removing, the Older Two paintings, and Introduce, Two Newer paintings, at the Top of the Page.

I will, allow You to make Comments, Vote and Give your Suggestions, as to What, you want Me to paint, for My Website, Art creations, Each Month. I will Reward you with an, A4, Signed copy, of a Painting of your choice.

I would Appreciate, this Greatly, Thanky.

Today, I will be Sharing the First A3, Acrylic Paintings I have Art created, for My New Website. Please remember, that these Painting are not My Perfect work. I was Experimenting on these Paintings. I am using New unknown Paper and their Texture, and also I did Under painting First, in Watercolour,Big Mistake. Then Painted the paintings, with Acrylics. Remember that, I have Not painted, in A3 size for, A Few years? This Why, my Paintings, look Unbalanced…

A Bouquet of Flowers. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

A Jug and A Girl. Mixed Media. Marie. Crimi. 2022…

Remember to Stay safe and to Social distance. Thanky for visiting My New Website. Remember to Like if you like, and then, to Share. See You All Next month, with Two New, Paintings…

I am

a bouquet of flowers

a3 size. acid free, micador, art paper. colourful painting, acrylics. original painting, just one, for sale.


a jug and a girl

a3 size. acrylic paints. acid free, micador, art paper. colourful painting. original painting, this one for sale only…



Monday is 1 November, 2021, Already???…

Already November 2021, on Monday? Wow how this Year has flown. I think the older I am, the faster, the Years are moving past me.

Monday will be the 1 November 2021, it will be All Saints Day, 2021. I guess at this Date, and in time, we do Need to face reality, Every year. That is that we are Not Immortal, someday when we Least expect it, Life will be over for Us all, as a Living breathing Individual, on this Planet, Earth.

One day Death said to Life, Why do People Love you, Life? and Hate Me, Death?,

Life thought Deeply, and then Answered Death, because Death you are the Inevitable, Truth, and I am Life, a Beautiful Lie…

Exactly, I stand in My Street and Look and think, Wow life is A Beautiful Lie.

I have a Young couple that, within, a Few short years, have made a Family, of Many Beautiful children. The Guy thinks his Partner drives away all of the time, because She is Seeing, someone else?

The Single girls, One next door and One across the road, are Dying to meet Mr. Prince Charming, and are Living just, to Be Married, As soon as??

The New Neighbors across the road, My son is Autistic, and She probably feels living, is Complicated for Her???

The above all Separate situations?, and Yet Similar or the same, Why?

Of course, it is Life, its all Part of the Human condition called life, Living. Every person in the world who is Living, breathing, has their Share of problems. Some People have Big problems, and others have Smaller Problems, and Issues.

If we had No issues in Life, it would not be called Life, Living? AGREE…

I am a Happy Living individual, because Unbeknown to these, Individuals and other people, I have had Big issues of My own, All of My life.

A Wise person in My life, said to me Once when I was in Deep pain, and in a Waterfall of tears. You My girl are Disillusioned, Life is not What you think, or Dream off. When I realized He was Loving, and Spoke the truth, I immediately picked Myself up, took my Heavy load, and Slowly but surely recovered. Can you Guess, who this Very Wise, Loving, Caring, Person was?

Here we are On My Art journey for the Last time, No My Art journey is Not Over, only the Past Art Showings are Over.

From now on, I set Out in a True Artist, Art Creative Style. I will be making all New Art creations, in A3 size, in My Unique Art Style and Technique.

Yes, on My True Art careers Journey into my Distant future, Get ready to Share in My Exciting Art existence and Artist Life…

At the End of each month, I will be Removing the Oldest two paintings, in the Number of six paintings, and Replacing them, with Two Newer paintings.

Today, I have Four A3 paintings that I made in 2015-2018, they Were made from True Artist paintings, which I drew in My Style and Coloured in my way. Made with acrylic paints.

The next Fifteen paintings, were made on Copy paper, they were made, in 2008, when I was Attempting art, this was Purely for Drawing practice. These Drawings, were Painted in using Very Basic Watercolors, just to Familiarize myself, with using Watercolors.

Thank you for visiting my Website posting today. I hope From, next month onwards, you will all Follow, My New website Postings and procedure, on My Art creations journey.

Remember to Social distance, to Stay Safe and to Work within limits. Be Happy…

I am patreon/


Here we are in the Holy Month of October 2021…

Yesterday was Monday and what a terrible day, yes it was. We had Beautiful weather for a Few weeks, and we all honestly thought the Cold winter weather had Left our state. The weather was Amazingly sunny all this weekend. Then Monday it was back to Cold and Winter weather, Today it has had some Sun here and then, but the Temperature is a little Windy and very chilly. Some Wise people of the Past would say, the Weather is behaving Like the People in our State? It was just a Saying, Nothing True or serious.

Here we are again on My Art journey for another Blog post, it is Post 39…

The following paintings are A3, Acrylic paintings, made on Canvas paper. I Art created these Paintings in 2014–2015. They are A3 Paintings which I made in My Style and Technique, they were Early A3 Size paintings I Art created. The Ideas were taken from other Artists or from Free Photo stock. It was a Long time ago, I have Forgotten, Exactly.

I can see that the Attempt was not Too bad, and the Art creations were Very Colorful.

The following Three paintings, are made as My first A4 size Art creations. These paintings were made on Copy paper, and I was Only Interested, in the Drawing Practice side of Art creating. The ideas for the Art Practicing was taken from, Interior Design Magazines. The Coloring part was done with Very basic Watercolor paints, it was for Experimenting. The Paintings were made in 2008, before Launching into Proper Art Creating… I think that the Attempt at the Drawing side, was Good, considering I had not Done Art since High School, as a Teenager.

Remember to Social distance and to Stay safe. Be Happy and Work within Means. See You ALL, next Website Posting, Thanky for visiting, my Website Posting today.

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