Here we are in the Holy Month of October 2021…

Yesterday was Monday and what a terrible day, yes it was. We had Beautiful weather for a Few weeks, and we all honestly thought the Cold winter weather had Left our state. The weather was Amazingly sunny all this weekend. Then Monday it was back to Cold and Winter weather, Today it has had some Sun here and then, but the Temperature is a little Windy and very chilly. Some Wise people of the Past would say, the Weather is behaving Like the People in our State? It was just a Saying, Nothing True or serious.

Here we are again on My Art journey for another Blog post, it is Post 39…

The following paintings are A3, Acrylic paintings, made on Canvas paper. I Art created these Paintings in 2014–2015. They are A3 Paintings which I made in My Style and Technique, they were Early A3 Size paintings I Art created. The Ideas were taken from other Artists or from Free Photo stock. It was a Long time ago, I have Forgotten, Exactly.

I can see that the Attempt was not Too bad, and the Art creations were Very Colorful.

The following Three paintings, are made as My first A4 size Art creations. These paintings were made on Copy paper, and I was Only Interested, in the Drawing Practice side of Art creating. The ideas for the Art Practicing was taken from, Interior Design Magazines. The Coloring part was done with Very basic Watercolor paints, it was for Experimenting. The Paintings were made in 2008, before Launching into Proper Art Creating… I think that the Attempt at the Drawing side, was Good, considering I had not Done Art since High School, as a Teenager.

Remember to Social distance and to Stay safe. Be Happy and Work within Means. See You ALL, next Website Posting, Thanky for visiting, my Website Posting today.

I am