The Australian Desert, Cards and Stickers too… on My Art Journey.

Hello. Happy Friday. Another Week has passed, so much to do and nothing done. Oh well that is Life. What I want to tell you, is that its Spring in my part of the World, and the weather is Finally Sunny and Pleasant. The Flowers are in Bloom, the only downside to this Beautiful and Pleasant Weather. is that the Weeds are all beginning to come up through the Garden Soil. Sleeping through the Night, is finally Joyful. When I get up through the night to have a walk around the Living area, it is not cold at all. When I head back to sleep, I easily fall asleep. In winter it took me ages to get back to sleep, because I felt chilled. Hooray Hooray for Spring.

And now I think I should get down to the Website presentation for this Week, on my Arts Journey.

The following two Paintings, are of the Outback, in the Northern Territory, in Australia. These paintings were made at the very beginning of my Art Journey, in 2008. The paintings are made with Watercolours, which were only Budget colours, and Pastels. I was orientating myself with Art materials, so that is why Budget supplies, at the start of my Art Career.

The Four, Gift cards, that follow after the paintings, I made in 2009, when I started to Exhibit my Art creations, at an Art Gallery, to accompany the Art I Put in the Exhibition. These are made in Basic watercolours and completed in the Sharpie, Black fine Line- Marker. These were the packets of cards, that did not sell, in a packet of Ten cards, at this Exhibition.

The A5 Mermaid Paintings, I made last week, for Fun and to practise my Drawing skill. These are Stickers to be printed on Sticker paper. Well, a little Art and Cards for Presentation, and a little Trivia, because it is Friday, to give you a little, to look at.

Please contact me on the Form that follows, if you have Comments, ideas, thoughts or anything to say. I look forward to hearing from You.

Thank you for visiting my Website today, on my Art Journey. Remember to Stay Safe and to Social distance. See You All Next Week.

I Am, Artcreationsbymariec.art,




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Places of Interest, Fashion Pics and Flowers…

Good afternoon, Sorry that I Am a Day Late. But Friday was the 17th July 2020, and for Religious Reasons, My Family has never done any Business on a Friday the 17th of any Month.

Here in my Suburb, exactly like last Friday, the weather is very cold, it is 11 Celsius, I went out to the letterbox to check for mail, and it felt like an ice block had hit me. I have just had a Chocolate milk, and I am rugged up with a light blanket, ready to set up this Website for Today.

Today I have decided like the title says, to post Older Paintings on my Art Journey, of Places of Interest which is only paintings of Places to travel out to, for a Day out or a Holiday away. Fashion Pics, is Three photos of Young Women, made on Acid free Cards, that I made previously in 2010, to sell in an Art Exhibition. These Three, cards did not sell, the other seven I sold. Flowers, is just Watercolour paintings, I made on A5 paper, as Sticker Sheets, this week, to keep in touch with painting in Watercolours.

This weekend I plan to do lots of Cooking, because when the weather is this cold, you feel the Need to Cook Slow Food, and do Baking to Keep Warm, and to keep your Home Warm. To be Honest, I like Winter the Heavy Rain and the Very Cold Weather, because I like to Surf the Net, Read Magazines for Free on the Internet, Read what I Like and of Course I Love to Blog and Make Art…

Gee with this new Block Editor Business WordPress have recently introduced, it is so user unfriendly, it wastes all your precious time. The functions do not work and you can not even find examples or help to help yourself. I wasted all of yesterday and today and I still could not get the photo editor to save the changes I made to the Photos. Sorry to present, this website, in this posting like this, SO TERRIBLE…

Oh and for help, Worpress.com they will get back to you within 48 hours or more? Wow WHAT A SET UP?

Thankyou for visitng this Website, Stay Safe and have a Safe and Productive Week. See you all next Week.

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